ASI Services: Although people with autism share a set of core deficits, many also have mental and developmental difficulties that are not common to every autistic person. Therefore, the care and treatment of persons with autism must be highly personalized and specialized. To meet the highly specialized needs of persons with autistic spectrum disorder, ASI provides a range of services that include: 
Residential Care Facilities. Our residential care facilities include both Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)  and Developmentally Disabled Adult Care Homes (DDAs) that ensure the safety and security of residents, but which are not unduly restrictive. Many of our residents are gainfully employed in the private sector as well as supported day programs geared toward meeting their vocational abilities. We also operate a Supported Living Program (SLP) In-Home Support Services.

DDA homes.  ASI operates three facilities in Wake and Durham counties known as DDA homes for those individuals with autism who are more independent and need less hands-on care than in our ICF homes.   Each home provides around-the-clock supervision of up to 6 residents.  Therapy is specifically customized to address the various delays in development  experienced by the residents.

ICF homes are for persons with autism who might also have more challenging developmental issues.  ASI operates three Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) in Wake and Durham Counties that are structured to provide on-going therapy for autism as well as address other ancillary health issues.

SLP is for individuals with autism who have progressed and are capable of living fully in the community. ASI provides a supported living program (SLP) in which the individual with autism lives independently in his or her own apartment, holding a job and/or going to school with regular monitoring by an ASI professional to ensure safety, security, and continuing progress.

ASI is credentialed to participate in Community Alternative Proram-Innovations (CAP-I) in which in-home support can be provided that offer guidance to persons with autism in coping  techniques and socialization. In addition ASI has respite services, personal care, developmental therapy, community networking, specialized consultative services and residential supports levels 1-4 that provide invaluable services for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities and their families. We are able to support both adults and children and adolescents in our CAP-I programs.