ASI Leadership and Management: Policies and procedures governing ASI are set by a volunteer board of directors, some of whom were founding members of the organization and who have provided continuous service through the years.  The knowledge and institutional memory of these long-serving board members are augmented by new members who periodically are welcomed onto the board to assure that new ideas and fresh approaches will keep ASI on the “cutting edge” of best practices in the care of those entrusted to us.

ASI policies and procedures are implemented by a team of professionals and a loyal staff of caregivers who provide the hands on care in ASI group homes throughout its service area, as well as the in-home care that also is a key part of ASI’s services.

In early spring of 2015
Alyse Shirley, a 17-year veteran of ASI succeeded Curtis Bass as Executive Director of the non-profit organization. Ms. Shirley has made a number of management changes that will assure that excellence in all things will be the standard of care for those entrusted to ASI.