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Openings Available

Autism Services, Inc., (ASI) is now accepting new service recipients at both its Wake and Durham County facilities. ASI care is available for persons qualifying for Developmental Therapy Services, Intermediate Care Facilities, Community Alternatives Program, Community Support Services, and Developmentally Disabled Adult Care Homes as well as for autistic adults and children and persons with dual diagnoses.
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About ASI

Autism Services Inc., was organized in 1984 by the parents of sons and daughters with autism and a few professionals to serve the then unaddressed needs of high functioning autistic adults and their families.

The mission of ASI is threefold:

* to provide community-based homes for people with autism

* to transition adults with autism from intermediate care facilities (ICFs) and other institutions to more independent living arrangements that are more life enhancing and far less expensive to society, and

* to preclude the need to institutionalize people with autism for whom a more independent living arrangement is appropriate.

To meet the needs of Triangle families, ASI now serves the children and adults with a variety of special needs, including autism with developmental disabilities and similar problems.

Watch Our New Video


A nine-minute live action video narrated by former WRAL-TV anchor Charlie Gaddy. This video introduces ASI leadership, caregivers, service recipients and their families and explains the scope of services offered by ASI.

ASI Leadership Team

As a non-profit organization, ASI is concerned principally with providing the highest quality of service on the most cost-effective basis. The leadership team that seeks to achieve this goal consists of a volunteer board of directors and an executive director.

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